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Scary Story - Motel Mottle

Do you remember our visit to the Mottle Motel?

You told me during the drive just before we reached it you saw a woman in a bridal outfit by the side of the road we were on.

When we reached the front desk to check in. The woman at the desk gave us a couple keys to room 14. She said that room 13 was locked and since our room was connected that we please not look or try to go inside it. Of course we agreed and headed straight to our room.

On our way to room 14 we saw the door of room 13 and it seemed odd that it was the only door with its number rather than painted but engraved on it.

We opened our door and saw a quaint little room and being so tired I went straight to bed.

The next day you seemed quite stressed and eager to go out. Then later that night you woke me up and said we had to leave right now and rushed us out of check out. You never told me what happened... So what did happen?

That first night I saw another door in our room. I couldn't help it so I decided to look inside through the key hole.

I suddenly felt some cold air pass through and chill my eye. I saw a woman in a bridal outfit sitting on a bed with the lights off. I could barely see but her skin was almost grey. I thought about knocking on the door but I didn't care to enforce the motel's policy for them and maybe she did have rights to the room and I didn't want to start a fight unjustly. So I just went to the restroom then went to sleep.

The next day I just felt very uncomfortable in that room so I was happy to go out with you. Then when we got back I didn't really want to sleep so I thought I'd just get some work done and that'd make me tired enough.

While I was working I got curious and thought I'd check the key hole again but this time I couldn't see anything but red. I thought perhaps she had put a red napkin over the key hole because she thought I was spying on her the night before. I felt very embarrassed so I went to the front desk to ask more about the room.

The receptionist said a long time ago a man murdered his wife in that room just before they got married. Locals say till date she haunts that room. Interesting thing about these two was that they both were albino and had red eyes.

I do not own the story but its the way I remember it from childhood.

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